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Personalized Gift Software
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Youv'e seen our first name software products in countless malls, swap-meets, flea-markets and craft fairs around the world. Now you can try out these hot money making programs for yourself.

With personalized gifts software, our products and your computer, you can literally make a full or part-time living creating the hottest products on the market today.

While there may be other packages on the market, we strongly recommend using our products with Ken Kirkpatrick Software. Our art backgrounds and novelty products will work with nearly every system on the market, but we designed our products to work best with Kirpatrick Software.

If you have not already purchased or downloaded the free software trials, be sure to read this information so you will know how to properly educate yourself about about this business (before spend your money on a system that is not right for you).


Here's How You Can Get Started !

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    Beware Of Print On Demand Software

    We have provided some useful information you should read before you make your decision to purchase ANY personalized gift or first name software package.

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    The Ken Kirkpatrick Software Company was recently selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the "hot 500 business opportunities".


    Also listed in both the Business Opportunity 500 - 20th edition and Homebased 400 - 6th edition,  by Entrepreneur Magazine. There are now over 20,000 registered users of Ken Kirpatrick Software.


    This business opportunity has been reviewed and featured in PC Computing Magazine, PC Magazine & BBS Magazine. Additionally, it has been the featured selection by Software of the Month Club, MicroStar Software , Software 2010, and PC World Online. Ken Kirkpatrick Software can be found in the book, "Windows 95 Uncut" and "Windows 95" by QUE books. It is also recommended by "Kids on The Net"

    First Name Almanac Software  has been awarded a Five Star rating by Ziff-Davis, the highest rating a program can receive.

    Since 1988, Ken Kirkpatrick Software has received numerous awards for their programs including "Program of the Year, 1995", finalist for First Name Almanac Software for Windows. This award was presented by Ziff-Davis on behalf of PC Magazine in an awards ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona. Out of thousands of Shareware programs submitted,Ken Kirkpatrick's First Name Software finished in the top five.

    All About Names is the world's largest distributor of art backgrounds and supplies for the personalized gift industry. Our products can be used for many purposes, but we specialize in the following applications;


    Baby First Name Software- Many people use the software to help in the naming of newborn babies.
    First name meaning software gifts - for personal gift giving = save money!
    Name Meaning Software - We carry product for both first name meanings and last name meanings.
    Over 25,000 Registered users prefer the KKsoft first name meaning software.
    More first name meanings in the KKsoft software than any other first name meanings software.
    From first name meanings to last name meanings to personalized poetry
    if it's name meaning software your after, choose All About Names Inc & KKSoft.

    Supplies For Creating Personalized Gifts With First Name Software & Last Name Software.

    We accept the following credit cards;

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