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CARTOON SOFTWARE SALE - Now only $125.00 -

"Name-That-Toon" Personalized Cartoons

As an All About Names customer, we thought you might like to know about our new personalized gift software from our new sister company, "Name-That-Toon" (A joint venture, and a separate company, with Ken Kirkpatrick Software)

Name-That-Toon Cartoon Software  offers an exciting new business opportunity. We invite you to discover a new way to turbo-charge your personalization business and take it to the next level of success.While this is not offered by Ken Kirkpatrick Software and is not part of their existing bundle, we suggest you seriously look at this business opportunity.

Act now and make this a more profitable year than ever! This is the hottest opportunity since First Name Almanac Software. Click on the banner above to visit our new sister site and be sure to click on "Dealer Opportunity"

Get Started Package Offer!


We are often asked the question - "What is the best way to get started in this business on a low budget and still be successful?

Although there are many options, this entry level package contains the main ingredients anyone needs to make instant profits while presenting the products in the most professional matter. You can always add more product choices as you go. The entry level package includes enough product to keep you going for a while. This also leaves plenty of profits for you to set aside and cover the cost of your next order. Just look at the MINIMUM retail value this product package provides!

  • 300 Art Backgrounds(10 ea. of 30 of our most popular designs)
  • 100 Platinum Presentation Bags
  • 100 Chip Pad
  • Sale Price $200.00

Software Special From Ken Kirkpatrick Software!

Are you ready for the absolute best deal in the industry?

21 different money making software titles!

Get the all inclusive bundle which offers the professional versions of 21 programs pre-loaded onto the exclusive Business-on-a-Stick for less than $12 each. Ready to run, no installation, no activation, no internet connection, just grab and plug into any PC running Windows and you're good to go.

Get all 21 programs for $249.95
You won't find a better deal anywhere!

 You read  it correctly...
Get ALL 21 software titles  for the same price that competitors charge for just one or two software packages.


No other software company offers this much value and quality.
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To make room for new products, we are offering the following art backgrounds for only .25 cents per sheet any quantity.Sale items do not apply to combination kits .

Attention! -
The easiest way to order these art backgrounds is from the link below. Some of these images do not link to pages with larger examples.

Click on the "Huge Discounts Button" Above and then fill in the box with your selections (titles) and quantity per selection.When you are finished add up total sheets and enter that amount in the quantity box. 


The United KingdomThe Emerald Isle
AustraliaOh Canada
Angel Kiss BorderCherubs II
LacrosseWild Kingdom
The CourtshipFriendship
Flower Fairy IIUnder The Sea 05
Killer WhaleMountain Cat
Country Sleigh RideKoala
Legends 05All God's Children
Silent NightThe Encounter
Kissing KidsBlack Kissing Kids
Bee My Honey "B"Cowboy 05
Eternal Bond II 
Window PaneShark

Standard Series Clearance Specials

The entire standard series of 8"x10" art is on clearance sale-
Get any amount for only .20 cents each per sheet.

Go there now

Blow Outs 

The Following Selections Are Only

You MUST manually enter the title of desired print.

Vertical Black HandsVertical Embrace

Make Even More Money With Cartoon Software From Name-That-Toon!

Supplies For Creating Personalized Gifts With First Name Software & Last Name Software.

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