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                       Set your own hours   Work Year Round
                     Work from your home   Work part-time
                     Low start-up costs   Run mulitple locations
                     No special skills   Outrageous profit margins
                     Anyone can do this   No royalty or franchise fees
                     Use your own PC   Free life time support
                     Fun & Profitable

  Free product support

The First Name Software and Personalized Gift Software Business Explained.

More specifically, the printing of personalized messages including first name meanings, last name meanings, personalized poetry and more has mushroomed into a very financially rewarding business opportunity. 

Using your personal computer system, our art backgrounds & products, you will be armed with everything you need to create a variety of personalized keepsakes and start making money right away.

Make Huge Profits From 300 to 4000% in less than 2 minutes !

We will show you how to make hefty profits from 300% to 4000% right away and you can be doing this within one week. This is no hype and the numbers are real.


Create Dozens Of In Demand Personalized Gifts In Minutes !

 Framed Gifts


 Coin Banks 

 Acrylic Frames

 Key Chains 


 Mat Frames 

 Glass Frames

 Wood Frames

 Mouse Pads 

 Baby Cups 

 Coffee Mugs 



 Coaster Sets


Where Can You Market These Products ?

Name Software Display in a Shopping Mall.

                         Shopping Malls   E-Bay Stores
                     Flea Markets   Mail Order
                     Craft Shows   Fundraising
                     Fairs   Employee Appreciation
                     Festivals   Consignment Shops
                     Gift Stores   Hospitals
                     Bridal Shops   Flower Shops
                     Funeral Homes   Churches
                     Military bases   Non-Profit Organizations
                     Book Stores   Beauty Shops


Personalized Gifts Have Year Round Appeal...

One of the greatest benefits of this business is that it is NOT a seasonal business. You will make money all year long creating and selling personalized gifts for any occasion.

Just look at how many different occasions you can  create these personalized gifts for....





 Mother's Day 

 Father's Day 

 Valentines Day 



 Secretary's Day 

 Sweetest Day 

 Memorial Day 

 Baby Showers






You don't have to limit yourself to just first name software either. Some vendors are limited by only offering gifts from First Name, Last Name & Poetry software systems.

Why not offer more? We can show you how to pull in the profits by creating personalized gifts using an arsenal of software from The Ken Kirkpatrick Software Company.


So What Kind Of Profits Can You Make?

You will be amazed the first time a customer hands you $8.00 to $10.00 
for a fifty cent investment! 
(and you WILL do this over and over again).


Your Cost   

Retail Price 

Your Profit  

Art Print (Single Name or Poem)  

.50 cents

$6.00 to $8.00  

Up to $7.50 

Art Print (Dual Names)

.50 cents 

$8.00 to $10.00

Up to $9.50 

Art Print (Family Tree Product)

.50 cents 

$12.00 to $15.00 

Up to $14.50  

Art Print (w/photo circle & lamination)    

.75 cents 

$10.00 to $12.00

Up to $11.25 

Mat Frame With Personalized Print




Wood Frame With Personalized Print

$3.00 to $8.00    

$14.95 to $29.95    

Up to $21.95

Glass Frame With Personalized Print


$29.95 to $39.95

Up to$30.45 

First Name Software In Wal-Mart Store


Are you ready for the absolute best deal in the industry?

36 different money making software titles!

Get the all inclusive bundle which offers the professional versions of 36 programs pre-loaded onto the exclusive Business-on-a-Stick for less than $7 each. Ready to run, no installation, no activation, no internet connection, just grab and plug into any PC running Windows and you're good to go.

Get all 36 programs for $249.95
You won't find a better deal anywhere!

 You read  it correctly...
Get ALL 36 software titles  for the same price that competitors charge for just one or two software packages.


No other software company offers this much value and quality. 

Actually, First Name Almanac Software contains 6 different features in one. Add this to the 43 other titles offered by Ken Kirkpatrick Software and now you have 50 different methods to make money with personalized gift software.

 You get all of this with First Name Almanac alone!

   First Name Meanings    Letter From Santa
   N is for Name Feature    Letter From Easter Bunny 
   Family Tree Feature    Letter from the Tooth Fairy
First Name MeaningN is for NameFamily Tree
Letter from Santa ClausLetter from the Easter bunnyLetter from the Tooth Fairy  



Purchase the software just once, and ALL updates are FREE for the life of the product. Other companies use phrases like "Free Upgrades Within Same Release Level". It's important for you to know that this is NOT the same thing as


This is their way of telling you that if something really "worthwhile" is added to the software, you WILL be charged for the new features! Customers that purchased software from Kirkpatrick software back in 1992 are still getting free updates on those products today!

You'll get FREE updates for the life of the product, and you won't have to wait for updates in the mail either..... you can get them live online..... any time...... 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Here is how you can get started !

   Read Our Software Section
   Purchase the software of your choice from KKSOFT.COM
   Request our catalog
   View our product selection from this web site
   Visit our online learning center
   Combine our products with your new software
   Make money !

Cartoon Software For Creating Personalized Cartoon Prints
Have fun and make money selling personalized cartoon prints too !

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Everything you need to know about the personalized gift software.

Supplies For Creating Personalized Gifts With First Name Software & Last Name Software.

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