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 From the leaders in First Name Software & Last Name Software Products!

FROM 300% TO 4000%

Create and sell unique personalized gifts using your own computer.

First Name Software displays and prints any first name, name origin, name meaning and characteristics from an unlimited data base of first names from all over the world. Prints in many formats & sizes. Uses include key tags, mugs, cups, wall decor, framing, weddings, anniversaries, baby births and you sell the output for cash!


You'll be amazed the first time a customer hands you eight to ten dollars for a fifty cent investment and you WILL do this over and over again.

Get in on the popular first name software business today. 
You could be making profits like this with your own personalized gift business by this time next week!



We are the strongest and largest supplier in our industry. We've made millions in this business, and we can show you how to tap into the lucrative personalized gifts market to start a business of your own. Let our first hand experience help you make the best choice for personalized gift software and for product selection too.

It's a serious business with outstanding profit returns, and it's a whole lot of fun too! Many of our customers operate their personalized gifts business full time and all year round.  First name meaning software, last name software, personalized poetry gifts and personalized cartoon prints are the #1 personalized gift business opportunities of the new millennium !

"Small Business Opportunities Magazine"

Sell 100 Art Backgrounds With First Name Meanings
or Personalized Poetry


Here's how you can get started making money right away!


Since 1994, All About Names Inc. has been the premiere provider of specialty art backgrounds, printable stationary & supplies for the personalized gift and first name software industry. Combine your creativity with our supplies and software from the Ken Kirpatrick software company to create a variety of personalized gifts. 

We specialize in the following markets;                      

  • First Name Meaning Software Biz
  • Personalized Poetry Gifts
  • Photo Novelty Gifts
  • Last Name Software Gifts
  • Personalized Cartoon Gifts
  • Personalized Gift Business
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All About Names Inc.
P.O. Box 560255
Montverde, Fl.  34756
Phone: (407) 469-2798 
Fax: : (888) 306-2786
Monday-Friday - 9a.m. - 5p.m. - E.S.T.

 We will teach you how to make the most money with first name software
 We have real personal experience in retailing this business.
 We offer the hottest art backgrounds and products in our industry.
 We have the lowest minimums (Just $25.00)
 We offer FREE technical support to all Ken Kirkpatrick Users!
 We are your one stop shop for creating personalized gifts!
 Use our products with almost any name software package.
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There is no doubt that First Name Almanac  software has always been severely underpriced and is the best personalized gift software on the market
Bill S. - Texas

You guys have done it once again. The new art backgrounds are selling very well. I still can't believe I can turn a .45 cent piece of art into a $8.00 sale. It's so simple too. Thanks again for providing a wonderful line of art  backgrounds to print on. I have been in personalized gift business for over 3 years now and I have tried products from several companies, but your product line does sell more than any of your competitors products.
-Diane G. N.C.

I love this business. I grossed 59,000 in ten weeks during the Christmas season and it's because my customers love your first name products and software. Keep up the good work. I can hardly wait for November.
- Pete M. - Minnesota

I would just like to say that I have been using your art backgrounds for over a year now and have nothing but the best to say about the quality of your products and service.
- Tammy J. - CA.

We received our first name software and art backgrounds and recouped our entire investment in only 24 hours!
- Janet & Rossi

I received my first name meaning software package and art backgrounds on Wednesday and by Saturday I was up and running making real money. I sold $175.00 worth of matted first name meaning prints alone on Sunday. I also had many customers say they would be back next week. Thanks for your advice in helping me start out with the hot sellers. You spent a lot of time with me on the phone and it really meant alot.
- Stacy O. NY.

Holy Cow....
The new art background release is wonderful. They are flying off our shelves.
B. McKenzie

GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for the prints that you sent. I am so grateful to you for that. I would be more than happy to pay you for those. You just don't know how much I appreciate you and what you have to offer and your customer service. You are a God send.I would be more than happy to pay for the backgrounds when I order more paper in 2  weeks.You made my day!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again
Shauntel Peak

Just  A Few Of The First Name Software Features

Prints and Displays One Name and Two Names.
First name software formats - Certificates, Key Chains, Mugs, Clocks, Calendars & Lots More!

Add New First Name Meanings To The Software. Build an unlimited data base.
Edit First Name Meanings and Origins. Edit all output.First Name Meanings, Origins, Characteristics.

Supplies For Creating Personalized Gifts With First Name Software & Last Name Software.

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